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50 minute Session $95*

Initial treatment: Consult with health history review and needling.

Follow up treatments: Short follow up consult and needling.

Choices of supplemental treatments include: Cupping, Gua Sha, Infared Therapy, Moxibustion, Okyu, Sound Healing and Tui Na.*


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Chinese Herbs

1 Hour Consult $95**

Initial Consult: Consultation reviewing a detailed, comprehensive health history, prescriptions, supplements and nutrition to formulate a custom prescription or determine the ideal patent.

Follow up Consult: 30 minute follow up consult and 30 minute supplemental acupuncture treatment.

30 Minute Follow Up Session $25**

30 minute follow up consult. Discussion only.

**This pricing does not include the cost of the herbs. Herbal prescriptions range from $8 to $35


Chakra Balancing

30 Minute Session $55

Chakras are wheels that should be open and turning when the body is in perfect harmony. When it is out of balance a Chakra can be closed and unmoving.

Using needles or crystals the Chakras can be realigned to bring the body back to its optimal condition.

Issues with the Chakras can affect both the mind and body which is why Chakra balancing is one of the services offered for healing your whole being.


Ear Treatment

15 Minute Treatment $25

The ear is a micro system where the entire body can be treated. Auricular treatments are great for PTSD, smoking cessation, and addiction. This is also a great way to get in a quick treatment when you are short on time.



30 Minute Session $40

Reiki from a level 3 practitioner. My style is to combine reiki with crystals to help the body receive.  Please contact me for booking.



*The prices on the service page are the starting rates. Final price depends on the sets of needles and modalities applied.

Ways to pay:

Accepted forms of payment are cash, paypal, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.)

Health Insurance Plans Accepted:

I am currently a contracted provider with Massachusetts MGB, Blue Cross Blue Shield , CignaTufts, Harvard Pilgrim , Veteran and United Healthcare insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to find out what your plan covers or I can find out for you.

Contact Me.


...Her needle work is gentle, delicate, and compassionate, but it is also packed with a powerful penetrating healing force. Her prices are reasonable, and she fully listens to her clients...

John Voigt

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...Laura is a skilled, compassionate, patient, and kind practitioner. She is that way completely consistently, unwavering in these characteristics. I trust her fully. She also has a sense of humor that is gentle and generous of spirit. And when she is with you, giving treatment, she is fully there. She is wonderful.

Helen Kobek

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